XYWYX ZINE (printed in BERLIN)

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Bearpad is proud to be an official USA distributer and contributer to a limited amount of "XYWYX ANIMALISTIK 2" zines. Only 10 available! This zine - really a book - is 50 pages printed on high quality paper with rich glossy black and white. The collection represents 17 artists from around the world, coming together under the theme of ANIMALISTIK (see below). As of now, this is the only place you can get a copy of ROADCUT part 1, the Bearpad original   Order with a T shirt to save on shipping! 

Only shipping within the USA - for international orders and more info, please visit the official page at: http://xywyxzine.bigcartel.com/products

 Here's the official description from the creators:


Cock. Pussy. Dick. Beast. Bull. Buck. Pup. Chaser. Ram. Cub. Bear. Pig. Animal. Bitch. Horny.

Shag. Stag. Stud. Otter. Wolf. Ass. Tit.

Since ancient times, the two elements of Sex and Bestiality have always been connected.

After all, sexual practices are those activities that more than any other free human beings from the chains of morality and society, that make them different from the beasts from which they evolved.

During the sexual act, women and men can find that almost forgotten, archaic instinct from which everything originated.

Grunts, cramps, hormones, hair, fluids, sweat, smells.

Biting, scratching, panting, licking, sniffing, fucking, squirting.

All these innate, humans practices and elements are accepted almost exclusively during sexual intercourse.

Since the dawn of time, erotic art and pornography have based their roots on this animalistic concept.

For instance, ancient Greeks and Romans worshipped the god Pan or Faunus, half man and half goat, who was always followed by a procession of hybrid creatures and humans corrupted by the libido's delights.

Pan/Faunus was the god of the forest and wildness, and was also the personification of the human sexual and instinctual spirit.

His worshippers idolized and honored the god by performing sexual and orgiastic rituals, where adorable nymphs and beefy satyrs fucked and got fucked in the limitless depths of nature, enjoying their bodies and the pleasures of wine and music while reaching sublime levels of ecstasy.

The sirens or mermaids were initially represented as creatures with sinuous female bodies, but possessing raptor's wings and claws. They had magical and sensual voices, used to sing and hypnotize the most daring and virile sailors, making them horny and vulnerable, falling into a trance, during which they would be devoured.

The iconography of the siren's body evolved gradually, becoming magnificent hybridizations of the feminine human bodyand the mysterious anatomy of marine creatures.

The sinuous aquatic tails, the gills and mouths of muscled, bearded tritons, decorate the fantasy and the sculptures of the oldest and most famous fountains of the European Renaissance.

Catholicism has transformed the god Pan into absolute evil, Satan. A male or androgynous creature, with long horns and goat legs, able to transform into a diabolical snake. These devils are often represented as hybrid creatures with bat wings and animal paws, grunting like pigs. In modern culture, these magical and hybrid creatures still reign in popular culture and are often connected with eroticism and pornography.

"In puppy play, we deliberately free ourselves from the condition of being human, letting out the animal part within us. We assume the puppy's gestures, actions, behavior, posture and, above all, instincts. This can be realized through the masks, ribs, anal dildo tails, and an owner, who carries her little dog around on a leash, ready to punish or reward his behavior.

In the world of modern gay menswear, where we tend to categorize the extreme, like being in a zoo, where brown bears, polar bears, wolves and otters are hunted in a circle of code words belonging to the animal world (woof, grr, etc).

Another modern example may be the Furries, anthropomorphic creatures that are born from the most hidden mazes of the Internet, where animals taken from old Disney classics and 80's and 90's cartoons are pictured in human situations of all kinds, including sexual ones, of course.



a cryptonym.


An alternative chromosomal sequence.

What is XYWYX?

Who is XYWYX?

Is he a boy? Is she a girl?

Neither of them.

Both of them.

maybe XYWYX is a medicine.

One of those medicine caps, that when you take them and go to sleep and you wake up 3 years later.

Or that makes you stay awake for three years.

One of those drugs that makes you horny almost to the point it hurts,

multiplying your sexual power by a thousand.

A thousand times, one thousand XYWYX.


a coven of lesbian witches.

It might be a drug, that kind of substance from all the cyberpunk books.

Take one pill of XYWYX, with the sound of an alien frequency and it blows up

your mind.

And you find yourself travelling, on a space-time journey.

XYWYX is the name of a horrormetal band.

A band of homosexual werewolves, thirsty for blood and sperm.


the stage name of an alcoholic drag queen.


an ancient, divine creature, buried in the depths, worshiped by an ancestry of half-human half-fish creatures.


nothing of this, and also all this.

Join our Cult.